Robbie Drew

Day 1 of the Das course took “forever” to arrive, (though in reality, it was less than two weeks wait!).

I don’t think I could have been more fortunate, than to have such a brilliant instructor.

My adrenalin was pumping at the thought of getting on the “big bike” for my day’s training, but they had obviously seen many such as myself, an excited, chomping at the bit kid, trapped inside a 40 “something” body, many times before, and so, a nice cup of coffee and a chat later, and I was ready to calmly, go through the Mod 1 test procedures, followed by an exhilarating ride out in the afternoon.
I was buzzing all evening! What a great day! Many thanks.

Before I knew it, day 2 of Mod 1 arrived, and now I was genuinely more nervous than ever! Today was Mod 1 test day, Aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I can only say, thanks once again, as I performed all the required test techniques, (faultlessly, according to Darren who watched my test) and could hardly keep my grin inside my helmet as I rode back to the Cwmbran training center All that was left to get through now was Mod 2.I decided to take my Mod 2 in Merthyr, as this was the next nearest date, and I literally couldn’t wait.


What a beautiful area to bike train in. I could not have picked a better place.

The views, roads, lanes and scenery were fantastic! and we had a great ride out to Merthyr Test Centre and back again, once again polishing and fine tuning our riding technique and style. (the snaking, stretches on the mountain roads counter steering our way through the swerves, bends and crisp morning sunshine were awesome.we pulled back in to the Test Centre, answered a couple of questions on pillion passenger behaviour, and safety, and were genuinely ecstatic to hear the examiner say “I’am pleased to tell you you have been successful, and have passed your DAS test.Yahooooooo!!! Pressure off.The ride back to the training school will probably be my most memorable for a long, long time.I felt so proud of myself, I can not remember when I have wanted to succeed at something so much, but I am also very grateful to Bike Train Wales, for giving me the confidence in myself to go out and ride!!!!! Many, many thanks.

Robbie Drew