Claire Nash and John Thomas

DAS Mod 1 (Claire & John)

First we would like to thank the team for training us. I am sure you guys must have thought you have a couple of numpties on the bikes!! Our sub standard CBT training has led us to seek new training…Biketrain Wales from the start with the descriptive introduction on the phone and reassuring quotes we immediately felt at ease. The first day we arrived the day was planned to execute excellence and deliver an objective. There wasn’t any hanging around working together they got us on the bikes and took us thought the slow manoeuvres. Before we knew it all the skills we needed we to complete mod1 slow manoeuvres were in place. The guys really make you feel at home and relaxed with a selection of different styles of bikes there’s defiantly be one for you.

Day 2 Mod 1

After day one training we were raring to go. At the Newport site there was an excellent almost purpose built site just for the fast manoeuvres. On the way to Newport the training never stops with road training on the way. The professionalism of the team at this session of the training far surpass any expectations we had, come rain or shine as it did on our test day the training was changed to accommodate. I still think that cone could have flown higher!!!

With positive feedback given throughout the training test day was a lot easier on the nerves. If you are worried about the test layout don’t worry because it was a lot easier than you think…we recon they train you harder!!

Mod 2 DAS (Claire & John)

Money can buy the training received from the team both of us would like to thank you very much. Whatever your riding style they can fix it! Roll up Roll up, let’s find that really BIG hill and do a hill start on it! Cheers this was probably the biggest hill and first proper hill start any of us had attempted. It did the trick. The days are planned out really well and routes flow into each other. Coverage of the Newport city is massive in the time allowed, always receiving feedback and encouragement. This school of training has the best quality of instructors that are dedicated bikers whose enthusiasm will spread to anyone who trains with them. Both of us passed DAS and have since spent all our savings on two bikes!!

Thanks guys you helped a dream come true.

Remember the name BIKETRAIN WALES Quality, professionalism and dedication, we will never forget. Ladies don’t be afraid we want more for DAS!!!

Claire Nash and John Thomas