To the team, I would just like to say how sincerely grateful I am to Bike Train Wales for opening a door to me I have for too long stood on the outside of, deciding whether or not to knock on.

From the moment I first spoke to them, enquiring about enrolling on a CBT course. I had a good feeling that I had picked the right training school.

I found it hard arresting my eagerness for time to pass until my CBT date approached.
My instructor for the days course simply put was great. He was extremely patient, humorous, knowledgable and gave me the confidence, as a complete novice, to be able to take to the road in the afternoon, (adrenalin reigned in), under a watchful eye, as I successfully negotiated the emergency stop, U-turn, hill start and road ride to pass my first test, on my way to “Big bike” freedom!

Thanks Carl