Bike Status

GreenThere are no known issues with this bike.
AmberThis bike has some small issue(s) which need attention but should be ok to use.
RedDo not use this bike.
WV65 PFAGladius 650 – redRed2 Inch lowering kit
forks bent
CK14 PJVGladius 650 – blueGreen
1 Inch lowering kit
CJ21 FFOHonda CB650R – blackGreen
CF21 XXGHonda CB650R – blueGreen
CF21 XUPHonda CB650R – blackGreen
CF21 XRLHonda CB650R – blueGreen
CK21 TXPHonda CB500F – blueGreen
CK21 TWFHonda CB500F – orangeGreen
CA21 EZUCBF125 – whiteGreen
CA21 NYTCBF125 – redGreen
CA21 OSPCBF125 – redBLACKRetired
CE66 DLOCBF125 – yellowGreen
LF06 FGDCG125 – redBlack Retired
WX07 GJUCG125 – silverGreen
KD56UUZCG125 – redGreen
WV68 ZKEGrom – redGreen
CF11 FGA125 Auto – silverBlack Retired
CE62 ORZMoped – blueBlack Retired
CE62 OSAMoped – redGreen
CE12 NHDMoped – redGreen